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Barth Electric- Services

Our services include residential and commercial service and new construction. We also perform other services you might not expect an electrician to perform.

Commercial Service:

One call will dispatch a tech to repair lighting and power problems in your business. In addition to problems, we can install circuits for new equipment, including isolated ground circuits for computers and sensitive electronic equipment.  Our commercial services also include wired and wireless networking, pos installation and alarm and security camera systems.


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Residential Service:

Need some work done at your home? Here's a list of some of the residential jobs we perform every day:
  • Service Upgrades
  • Whole House Surge Protection
  • Kohler Standby Generator Systems
  • Ceiling Fans and Lighting
  • Phone, Internet and Cable Jacks
  • Smoke, and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Plugs, Switches and Dimmers installed
  • Home Theater Systems
  • Whole House Audio Systems
  • Security Cameras
  • Wired and Wireless Networks
  • Alarm and Home Control Systems
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Kohler Generators:

We are your complete one stop for all your generator needs, residential or commercial. We are a full line Kohler Generator dealer.  Call us and be prepared the next time the lights go out!

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Lighting Control Systems:

Would you like to reduce your energy costs? Barth Electric offers lighting control systems so you can light your home or business more efficiently. Imagine pressing a button before bed and all the lights dimming to off in seconds, or pressing a button to make your home appear occupied while you are on vacation.


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Tenant Infills:

Tenant infills are a specialty of Barth Electric. Since we also perform network and phone cabling we can handle virtually every bit of wiring in your business! Some of our recent infills include Alfred Dunner, Ultra Jewelry, and Justice and Brothers to name a few.

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Structured Wiring:

We can prewire your home for phone, cable and internet.  Your home will be ready for anything the future holds with a media panel for all the low voltage wiring in your house.

Prewire for the future today

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Computer Networking:

Barth Electric also performs phone and data cabling and network setup. Whether its structured wiring for your new home or networking your office for phone and data, we can handle your networking needs. Add to that POS installation and you won't need to call anybody else!
 Data cabling for your home or business


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Security Cameras:

Would you like to check on your home or business while you're away?  Barth Electric can install camera systems complete with DVR and the ability to check your cameras on your phone or any internet connected computer.

Security cameras for your home and business

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Security Systems:

We can provide you with a security system as advanced as you need, or as simple as you need. You can control your system from anywhere in the world. We can install a security system in your home, boat, rv. We also offer cellular backup for any system we install. Cellular backup is great for rv's and boats because you don't have to have a landline to be protected. Call and setup an appointment today to protect all your investments.

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Hanging TV's:

We now can hang your tv on a wall, above a fireplace or where ever you would like. We can supply the mount, and we can get whatever type you need. We have a new mount that can keep your tv 5mm from the wall! (5mm is 2 nickels stacked on top of each other!)

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